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Vice-Rector for Business Development honors Dr. Ali Al-Afnan

Under the patronage of His Excellency Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmad Al-Sedairi, the Vice-Rector for Business Development, a ceremony honoring His Excellency former dean of Teachers College, Dr. Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Afnan was held at the college theatre on Sunday, 2/12/1435 AH - corresponding to 12/15/2013 AD. The ceremony started with some verses of the Holy Quran recited by Mr. Osman Aldubeikhi, and then a short documentary film was shown about the most prominent achievements of HE Dr. Ali Al-Afnan during his tenure of Teachers College.
After the show, HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmad Al-Sedairi, the Vice-Rector for Business Development delivered a brief speech for this occasion. He referred to the lovely warm atmosphere of the ceremony and then he stressed Dr. Al-Afnans contributions to the development of King Saud University. He also expressed his deep appreciation to Dr. Al-Afnan who was granted outstanding scientific, administrative and interpersonal skills. He added that King Saud University is actually proud of this successful educator, distinguished leader and memorable colleague. He ended his speech wishing Dr. Al-Afnan success in his future life as a professor in the College of Education.
Next speech was delivered by HE Dr. Ibrahim Bin Daoud Al-Daoud on behalf of faculty members of the college. He said that he was at a loss of words to express his warm feelings towards Dr. Ali Al-Afnan whose notable leadership abilities enabled him to base his administration of Teachers College on teamwork and co-operation.

Then came the speech by HE Dr. Saad Al-Hussein, Dean of KSU Faculty and Personnel Affairs, who stressed the role of Dr. Al-Afnan as a defender of Teachers College, his colleagues and his students. He also stressed his characteristics as a distinct leader and a good listener to others’ opinions.
After that HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Suleiman Al-Rewaished, former dean of Teachers College and the president of the Arab Union for table tennis gave a brief speech. Then, Mr. Saad Bin Dekheyel Al-Dekheyel gave a speech on behalf of undergraduate and graduate students of the college. He emphasized that Dr. Al-Afnan set a good example for students who were looking forward to achieving their goals in the future.

The speech before the last was delivered by Saleh Al-Oulaq on behalf of Yemeni students who got scholarships in the college. He praised Dr. Al-Afnan who dealt with them as a father and accordingly they didnt suffer homesickness.
The final speech was delivered by HE Dean of the college, Dr. Ali Bin Abdullah Al-Afnan who gave thanks to the sponsor of the event HE Dr. Mohammed Bin Ahmad Al-Sedairi, the Vice-Rector for Business Development, and HE Dr. Saad Al-Hussein, Dean of KSU Faculty and Personnel Affairs, and all other attendees. He also expressed his gratitude to those who organized the ceremony. He pointed out the importance of the issue of primary teacher preparation explaining that Ministry of Education is in dire need of graduates of primary education program. He added that incorporating Teachers College into College of Education would be a successful step if the interests of college students and faulty members were a priority. He ended his speech thanking HE Dr. Badr Bin Joweyed Al-Otaibi, the supervisor of the educational process at Teachers College, and all other colleagues. At the end of the ceremony, Dr. Al-Afnan received gifts and shields of gratitude and took photos with colleagues. Then, attendees had dinner together.

12/17/2013 8:53:41 PM